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The Early Years

1960 - 1980

I started painting seriously in the early 1960s, and  began to exhibit in the Irish Exhibition of Living Art in 1966, as well as being part of several group shows in the Brown Thomas Gallery.  The image on the left was taken at a Brown Thomas opening - L to R: Coleen Murray, Terry Woods and Tim Booth, with my painting Cross Section from a Rudge.


In 1969 I had a  a one man show in The BT Gallery which  was a fantastic commercial and critical success, every painting finding a new home. and some of the critics  - at least - said they understood, if not exactly admired, my viewpoint. Like many emerging artists of the time, my viewpoint was a movable feast as I groped towards a personal style. The images below display this malleability....

Photograph: Johanna Hudson

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